City financial plan includes staff cuts

A three-year city financial plan with cutbacks on the number of city workers was presented Friday to Mayor Gabriel J. Campana by the finance department.

The plan is the foundation of the proposed 2019 budget that Campana presents to City Council prior to Thanksgiving, according to William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director and general manager of River Valley transit.

Nichols and Joseph Pawlak, city budget and fiscal officer, met with Campana to present the plan, which includes an initial cutback on city employees.

As he took out a pen to go over expenses and revenues, the mayor confirmed fewer employees would be working next year.

“The city must be run like a business and 80 percent of the cost in the budget is employees and there will be less,” he said.

“Workers may have to put on more than one hat,” Campana said previously, another reference to the city getting its business done with less.

Campana said he would review the financial plan, which can be amended.

The bulk of the proposed budget is spent in salaries, pensions and health care. The city set aside costs related to the unfunded mandate to certify the levee with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The city website is expected to be running again by Dec. 3, Nichols said.

“It was clear to me that the voters on Tuesday said no more expenses and that they vote with their pockets,” Campana said.

Campana said he has spoken to “citizens, businesses people and real estate agents,” all of whom agree the city, Williamsport Area School District and Lycoming County taxes are too high and that elected officials should take a stand.”


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