Councilwoman lauds workers’ dedication

A veteran city councilwoman made it clear she is not upset with city employees, many of whom she said are tightening their fiscal belts on behalf of taxpayers.

Councilwoman Bonnie Katz said those working at City Hall are putting their hearts and souls into their jobs.

“We are the core, the center of the county, and everyone comes into our city and takes advantage of our streets, fire and codes,” said Katz, the chairwoman of public works committee.

Katz lauded various departments and how the department heads are finding ways to cut out expense.

Katz lauded the police department and its flexible scheduling, meant to cover issues but also to reduce any overtime costs and streets and parks for repairing equipment in-house.

Katz said unless there are changes the city, like a business, might end up filing for bankruptcy.

Katz said a whole village will be required to bring in new businesses.

“We can out tax ourselves with our property taxes,” she said. “Taxes in other areas are cheaper than what we have … but yet we have more to offer here.”

The city must come up with better ideas as far as bringing major businesses, she said.

The city is a tourist town and must utilize what it has. “We need to be bringing more money into city the way other people want to see it run,” she said.


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