Muncy School Board votes to renew contract

MUNCY — The Muncy School District board voted unanimously to renew the superintendent’s contract for another five years on Monday night.

Dr. Craig Skaluba will receive a salary of $133,800 a year, with a 1 1/2 percent annual increase based upon a satisfactory evaluation. The annual raise is less than teachers receive in their contract, board members said.

Skaluba oversees a district involved in a nearly $17 million construction addition to the high school – final plans of which will be shown to residents next month.

The construction project is designed to renovate several classrooms and link a building with the school.

The vote on whether the district will approve final design plans for

construction is expected next month, Skaluba said.

Prior to approving Skaluba’s contract renewal, some in the room expressed displeasure with the board voting in the affirmative. Some dissented, asking the board to oppose renewal of the superintendent’s contract.

Most of those opposed to the contract renewal expressed their displeasure with a perceived lack of student achievement, focused their worries about a number of teacher resignations and disputed the investigation on Skaluba’s watch that led to the removal of a wrestling coach.

Skaluba, who arrived to his position in the district in 2015, said he is eagerly looking forward to the next five years, and wants to be part of helping the faculty to achieve for its students a higher level of success.

Prior to his tenure at Muncy, Skaluba spent 17 years in Sullivan County School District – 12 years of which were in teaching and five as an administrator, splitting time between high school principal and superintendent.

Next month, the preliminary budget for 2019-2020 school year is expected to be reviewed by the board, Skaluba said.


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