Centre County man eyes House seat nomination

Pat Miller has announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for 12th Congress in the May primary.

Miller, 34, of State College, is a law student at the Penn State Law School.

As a student, he has served internships with the Montgomery County and Philadelphia County District Attorneys offices.

He has been employed as a police officer with the Edwardsville Police Department and as a deputy sheriff in Chester County.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University.

Miller said he is pro-life and a defender of Constitutional values such as the First and Second Amendments.

He stated that he felt obligated to run given the challenges facing people statewide and elsewhere.

“I think we are really at a crossroads in this country,” he said. “We actually have Socialists in Congress who would readily work to destroy the freedoms that make America the best country in the world. There are a lot of changes going on in Washington, and some of them will be detrimental to the future stability and strength of our country. The reason I decided to run in this important special election is because I believe the Republican Party needs a new dynamic voice in Congress.”

Calling himself a non-traditional candidate, Miller said he supports President Trump.

“I want to get this national security situation taken care of,” he said. “I believe in being very responsive to the district.”

Miller said the political spectrum has become divided. He noted that “some of the fringe beliefs that have become mainstream are at times beyond understanding.”

He said he wants to work hard to remind people that the Republican Party is the true party of social justice and equality.

“The far left has been so focused on dividing Americans, and now it’s time to work toward countering that narrative and bringing people together to find common ground once again. I proudly pledge to support our state and our nation’s law enforcement and military in their dedicated and tireless effort to keep us safe,” he said. “Our national security is paramount to the safety of all Americans, and an open border policy will only lead to disaster, and the eventual collapse of our national sovereignty. We certainly need more members of Congress who will be vocal and dynamic in the face of these imminent threats to American freedom.”


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