Firefighters heated over prescription reimbursement

Several city firefighters say they are owed prescription reimbursements — some of which are approaching thousands of dollars.

Speaking through a spokesman, the firefighters brought the issue to the attention of City Council’s finance committee Tuesday.

Some accounts are held up over legal issues, others are on their way, said William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director.

One, however, is in arrears and approaching $10,000, said Kevin Breen, a firefighter and spokesman for the Local 736 union.

Firefighters have a $6 per prescription cost and through arbitration were awarded these benefits, Nichols said. Some medicines are expensive and must be reviewed if the reimbursement is correct, he said.

Councilwoman Liz Miele, committee chairwoman, said Breen was right to bring the matter forward.

Megan Dayhoff, human resources director, is doing her job, Nichols said.

“She (Dayhoff) reviews the reimbursements and sends them out,” Nichols said. “It is not held up by finance department.”

Breen says the matter is known among elected officials.

“The mayor has been appraised about the prescription issues,” Breen said.

Attempts to reach Mayor Gabriel J. Campana Tuesday were not successful.


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