Voters to cast ballots for judge

In addition to county and municipal offices, voters will also cast ballots in the spring primary for Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas judge.

Three candidates are seeking the nomination on both the Republican and Democratic tickets.

Mary C. Kilgus, Ryan Tira and William P. Carlucci, each local attorneys who practice law locally, are eyeing the bench seat.

Voters in Williamsport will be nominating candidates for both city council and Williamsport Area School Board.

Six candidates are seeking four seats on city council.

They are Democrats Dave Banks, Tiasha J. Machuga and Jon Mackey and Republicans Bonnie Katz, Vincent Pulizzi and Adam Yoder.

Five candidates are seeking nomination for school board.

Appearing on the ballot for the four 4-year board seats are Lori Baer, Patrick Dixon, Jennifer Lake, and Star Poole.

Poole is running as a Democrat. The other three are running on both the Democratic and Republican tickets.

Barbara D. Reeves is the only candidate seeking the nomination for the 2-year board seat.

One candidate in Lycoming County is seeking multiple public offices.

Dave Huffman will appear on the Republican ballot for county treasurer, prothonotary and register and recorder.

While it’s an unusual scenario, it is not altogether unprecedented.

“It is possible to run for more than one office but not to hold more than one office,” Lycoming County Voter Services Director of Elections Forest Lehman said.