Hughesville anxious for work to begin on stream bank

Hughesville Borough “dodged a bullet” this past weekend when a storm, originally predicted to bring 5 inches of rain to that area, shifted east and left less than an inch, Dan Cale, borough council member, told the rest of the council Monday.

The borough soon will go out to bid for quotes on the work needed to restore the stream bank along Muncy Creek near pump house 102 at the end of Fourth Street in Wolf Township, the borough’s primary water source.

“With 5 inches of rain on that area, this could have gotten a lot worse,” Cale said.

State funding in the amount of nearly $450,000 will help with the project, but it’s unclear whether those funds will cover the total cost until the borough goes out to bid. What’s more, no work can begin until at least early June due to trout season.

“We’re urging (the engineer) to put it out to bid, hopefully, within the next week,” said Mayor Richard Smith.

Another issue the borough has run into is gaining access to a gravel bar that runs the width of the stream and the length of two private properties.

“The likelihood of us being able to get into and move the gravel bar is very low at this point,” Cale said.

The borough can clear the section of gravel bar along its property, but needs permission from the landowners to access the other side.

One landowner gave permission, but the other has declined to sign a contract required by the state Department of Environmental Protection as advised by their legal counsel due to liability issues, Cale said.

“It’s not that anybody’s trying to be hard-headed about it, it’s just everybody’s doing what’s in their best interest,” Cale said.

“It’s in DEP’s best interest to write a contract the way they do and it’s in the landowner’s best interest not to sign it,” he added, chuckling.

In another matter, the borough approved a specifications sheet from the state Department of Transportation to begin the bid process for repaving and curbing Broad Street.

The borough will ask for two separate prices: One for a section of the project, Cemetery through Academy streets, and the other for the entire part needing done, Cemetery through Water streets.

It is expected that Act 13, or impact fees, could help with some of the project costs, borough members said.

In other business, Matt Deming, borough supervisor, announced street sweeping along Main Street is tentatively slated for May 1.


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