Inmates attempt escape in Tioga County

Wellsboro — Two incarcerated women recently tried to escape from Tioga County Prison, 1768 Shumway Hill Road, by drawing a corrections officer into a cell and assaulting her, in an effort to procure keys.

Safari Skye Kahl, 21, of Mainesburg, and Ashleigh Taylor Abplanalp, 21, of Wellsboro, allegedly conspired to attack Corrections Officer Covington, on March 10, according to court documents.

During a routine cell search, the two inmates were present with Covington. As the officer was standing in the doorway, she was drawn further into the cell by Kahl, who was asking questions regarding medical treatment, said Tioga County Detectives.

As Covington was distracted, Abplanalp slowly moved toward the door. Suddenly, Abplanalp pushed the officer down into the cell and threw hot water onto her back. A struggle ensued as the two inmates tried to take the keys from her belt.

Covington managed to escape and fled towards a hallway door, while yelling for assistance.

Another officer, hearing the commotion, rushed in and yelled for the inmates to desist.

Together, the two corrections officers were able to bring Kahl and Abplanalp under control.

Mark L. Hamilton, Tioga County commissioner and member of the prison board, confirmed Tioga County detectives are conducting an active investigation into the matter; however, he could not provide any further comment at press time.

Information is not yet available on whether Covington was injured in the attack; however, Hamilton said inmates are not given access to boiling water.

Both Kahl and Abplanalp were charged with criminal conspiracy, criminal attempt and aggravated assault.

Abplanalp has been in custody since March 7, when she was pulled over for an out-headlight and Wellsboro police discovered drugs in her vehicle. She was held in lieu of $25,000 on charges related to dealing drugs.

Kahl has been in custody since March 6 after being held in lieu of $25,000 bail in a “snatch and grab,” according to court documents.

She waited behind an elderly man who was checking out at Tops Market, 11 Main St, on March 3. Waiting for her opening, she allegedly reached into the register when the cashier wasn’t looking and stole $280 in cash. She then ran out of the store and into her car. The manager saw the vehicle and notified Wellsboro police, who later found and arrested her.

Kahl and Abplanalp are both scheduled to be arraigned on April 15, in the main courtroom of the Tioga County Courthouse.


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