2 city colleges sign agreement to explore tuition exchange program

Presidents of two local colleges signed an agreement Thursday to explore a tuition exchange program that will benefit dependent children of full-time employees at both institutions.

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, president of the Pennsylvania College of Technology and Dr. Kent C. Trachte, president of Lycoming College, signed a memorandum of understanding establishing the terms of the program which will begin this fall.

Gilmour noted that this is another example of a number of the ways the two colleges work together.

“We think it enhances the greater Williamsport area and it enhances both institutions, so from this point of view it’s another opportunity of a benefit to offer our employees and this allows us an exchange, if you will, of employee dependents to go to each institution,” she said.

“I have great hopes for it. This will be a great opportunity to once again further underscore how special Williamsport is to have both Lycoming and Penn College here,” she added.

Trachte highlighted the added benefit derived from the collaboration of retaining talented individuals in the community.

“There have been a lot of conversations locally about ways in which major employers can support one another in recruiting and retaining talent,” Trachte said. “I think we’re setting an example through this collaboration in providing a benefit to our employees that will help us recruit talent and also be able to retain individuals. I know we have employees who are looking for the kind of high quality education that Penn College offers and they have employees who are also looking for what we have to offer. I think it helps to keep those talented individuals here in Williamsport and contribute to the local economy.”

The pilot program,which will be conducted for a year, will enable three dependent students from each college to participate. Program eligibility is extended to dependent children of full-time employees only. Employees and their spouses or partners are not eligible.

All eligibility requirements within the employee’s home institution tuition policy will apply. The program covers undergraduate studies only and is for students seeking a first bachelor’s degree at Lycoming College or a first certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree at Penn College.

Another program open to students at the local colleges is cross-registration, which allows them to explore courses or activities beyond those offered at their own institutions. With cross-registration through Lycoming College, Penn College students may learn a foreign language or explore philosophy, religion, music or theater without leaving the area.

Similarly, Lycoming students can participate in the types of hands-on courses that are available at Penn College, such as in the areas of culinary arts, collision repair, automated manufacturing, building construction and landscape and horticulture.

For more information about cross-registering eligibility and offerings, visit www.pct.edu/lycoming.


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