Candidates asked if government is too large

(EDITORS NOTE: Throughout the election season, the two candidates for the 12th district seat in the U.S. Congress will be polled about issues pertinent to the voters. Responses will appear on Sundays in the Sun-Gazette.)

The 12th Congressional seat pits Democrat Mark Friedenberg against Republican Fred Keller.

That district encompasses all or parts of Lycoming, Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Juniata, Mifflin, Northumberland, Perry, Potter, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union and Wyoming counties.

Q: Is the government too large? If so, what programs should be cut to shrink its size?


I would say government has become inefficient and intrusive in people’s lives. What we need is a government that is responsible and answerable to the people. While government’s role is to ensure everyone plays by the rules, there are too many regulations. And I think we need to look at regulatory agencies and cut the waste there to make sure people can do what is best and get jobs and create prosperity for themselves. And where appropriate, more authority should be turned back to the states to manage programs.


The government plays a pretty important role in our lives to ensure corporations can’t just take, take, take from working folks in this district. I was at a meet and greet at Dushore. A woman there was explaining that she feels corporations take from us and do not pay their fair share. Many don’t pay their taxes. We will eventually have to take from each other. We need someone in place that puts in place a fair playing field. Big companies are not going to care about everyone having high speed internet or a strong consumer protection agency and safe products. We need government to be a force to make sure everyone succeeds. To ensure that everyone has a fair shot. Everyone has potential.


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