Loyalsock Township’s supervisors OK improvements at Short Park site

KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette A garden in memory of Callie Cavanaugh at James Short Park in Loyalsock Township.

Loyalsock Township’s supervisors approved a proposed lighting and security plan for Callie’s Garden at Tuesday’s meeting. Bob Bauder, one of two volunteers, proposed the addition of 10 lights with a grate over top. The lights will be placed beneath the trees in the garden and shining up onto the trees donated to the garden, according to Bauder.

Callie’s Garden, at Short Park, is in memory of Callie Cavanaugh, a Loyalsock Township native who died from cancer at age 9.

Bauder also proposed a bullet light, which would be fastened to the ground, to focus on the large rock that will, according to Bauder, be sanded down and “Callie’s Garden,” with butterflies will be decorated onto it. Bill Burdett, township manager, explained to the supervisors that the recreation board had looked at the plan and suggested approval as long as the township not be held responsible for maintenance repairs.

Burdett stressed the idea to supevisors that every public park in the township is built to be “vandal proof,” as many of the parks have been vandalized over the years. With the agreement that the committee of the garden being in charge of maintenance, the supervisors approved the plan.

In other news, Burdett requested approval of an application for a state grant for Millers Run restoration work. Burdett discussed with the supervisors the grant application that he is completing for an 810-foot section of Millers Run to have streambank restoration completed. The section is along the softball and soccer field in Short Park. The grant would be $162,000 with a 15% match by the township. The supervisors approved the grant application to be sent to the watershed restoration protection program.

The board of supervisors also:

• Approved the additional summer employment list including new lifeguards and a tennis instructor

• Awarded the 2006 Ford F-350 sitting out front of the township building to the highest bid of $5,600

• Approved a resolution for a 2019 Real Estate Refund for 1205 Hillsdale Drive