Official count under way

Lycoming County Voter Services personnel are busy this week going over ballots cast in the recent primary election.

Voting results remain unofficial until the task of re-checking ballots is complete, according to Forest Lehman, Voters Services director.

“We are getting through it as quickly as we can,” he said. “During official counts, we are most concerned with being accurate.”

The process began Friday and is expected to take at least several more days to complete.

Lehman noted write-in votes are still being considered as well as absentee ballots.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) was the last day to get ballots from overseas and from veterans,” he said.

Any discrepancies that turn up in the voting process can be corrected during the official count.

Lehman said the process was a bit delayed by the long holiday weekend.

“Generally, it takes seven to 10 days. That’s because a lot of work is to consider provisionals and write-ins, he said. “As soon as we are done, we will have the official numbers on the website,” Lehman said.

The voter services site is www.lyco.org.

The official count is required by the state election code.