President Trump rallies for local support of Keller

Four more years!” “USA!” “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

The chants were deafening inside the Energy Aviation hangar at the Williamsport Regional Airport, where thousands gathered to welcome President Donald J. Trump to Montoursville.

The president stopped in to endorse Republican Fred Keller, who has his sights set on former U.S. Rep. Tom Marino’s empty seat.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate is down, factories are coming back and new jobs are being created, Trump said.

Millions of Americans have been “lifted off of food stamps” and are getting back to work, he said.

“We’re getting Americans off of welfare and back into the workforce, and it’s happening by the thousands and thousands,” Trump said.

One million people have been lifted out of poverty and the poverty rate for African Americans has reached an all-time low, he said. Unemployment rates for African Americans, Asian Americans and women also have reached historic lows, he said.

“Wages are going way up, crime is going way down and our military is currently more powerful than ever before,” Trump said.

The “depleted” military has been rebuilt with funding for new equipment, he said.

“Our spirit is strong, our stride is back,” he said. “We are finally putting, like I said, America first.”

Today’s election is an important one, he told the crowd.

Keller is a businessman who believes in protecting the southern border and the Second Amendment, Trump said.

“Fred Keller is a tough man. He’s tough on crime, he loves our military, our police, our vets, and he will always protect our patients,” Trump said. “He’s going to be a great congressman.”

Keller stepped up to the podium to thank the president for his visit and vote of confidence.

“You need to talk to your friends, family and neighbors and tell them, if they want to help President Trump make America great, they need to get out (today) and vote to send me to Congress,” he said.

Trump railed on the country’s international trade deals prior to his term, stating China, the European Union and many others” mistreated” the United States.

He is working now to reverse “years of failed trade deals” with about $800 billion lost on trade he said.

“The great betrayal of the American worker ended Day One,” he said, referring to his first day in office. “We’re straightening it out.”

“I don’t blame China,” he added. “Our leaders allowed it to happen.”

About 60,000 factories nationwide closed after the North America Free Trade Agreement was enacted, Trump said, but now factories are coming back in droves.

“Nobody’s going to steal our businesses, nobody’s going to close our factories, nobody’s going to close our plants anymore, he said. “They’re all coming back.”

Those who don’t want to pay the tariffs on a variety of materials will simply have to bring their companies back to the United States, he said.

“In this administration, we’re living by two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,” he said.

The president assured the crowd his insistence on building a wall along the Mexico border has not waned.

“Our country is full. We don’t want people coming up here,” he said to chants of “Build the wall.”

“No betrayal of American workers has been worse than the Democrats’ pursuit of open borders,” he said.

His administration has eliminated thousands of pages of “job-killing regulations,” pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and Iran nuclear deal, invested record-setting amounts into the military and more, Trump said.

“We have, in fact, made America great again,” he said.


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