Regional airport’s parking lot paved

Thomas Hart, Williamsport Regional Airport’s executive director, announced that the parking lot that sits in the location of the old terminal has been paved. The curbing, sidewalks, fencing and landscaping around the lot is also complete. While these completions are an exciting step for the new terminal, site preparation for construction on the road entrance to the lot continues, he said.

The parking lot will now not only act as a place for people to park when picking up loved ones hopping off the plane, but it is also a temporary passenger drop off as the loading bridge is still in the works. No change in status for the passenger loading bridge, which is still scheduled for completion on June 13.

In other business, the work on the taxiway, the sections of pavement connecting the ramp to the runway, is wrapping up. According to Hart, the paving is complete and temporary markings have been placed, but they are still waiting on the grading and seeing to be completed.

The old fuel farm is close to being on its way out — installation of the new fuel storage system should be completed once wiring and piping comes to a finish. Hart predicts this should done on May 17. Immediately after the installation, the removal of the old fuel farm should begin shortly after.

Likewise, the board approved a motion for the executive board to advertise a special meeting to be held on May 16 at noon. This meeting will open and begin the acceptance of bids for design/building parking lot equipment. Currently, according to Hart, there are two vendors who have picked up the bid packages thus far.

Hart also brought forward a new advertisement request. The board, after much discussion, approved an advertisement for another special meeting to be held on Monday, June 3 that will open and begin the acceptance of bids for the construction of the concession area in the new terminal building. In last month’s meeting, Hart expressed hope for this area to be completed and ready for a possible grand opening celebration in August.

At the start of the meeting, the executive board:

• Approved a $29,981 and $111,061.37 payment to Lundy Construction Co. for replacement and repairs to the FBO Hangar Doors.

• Approved $177,034. 28 payment, $15,558.20 payment, and $34,829.99 payment to HRI Inc, according to Hart, for runway improvements. Such improvements include the grinding and seal of the surface.

• Approved the renewal of required insurance policies for the airport.


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