Voters to cast ballots for variety of key nominations in area

All Lycoming County voters going to the polls today will have a chance to cast ballots. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Those registered as Republican or Democrat will cast primary election ballots to nominate candidates seeking county positions for commissioner, common pleas judge, district attorney, prothonotary, register and recorder, and treasurer, along with municipal, township and school board seats.

Of the registered voters in Lycoming County, 37,872 are Republicans and 20,386 are Democrats. A total of 8,872 are listed as voters registered as independent or other political parties.

Regardless of party affiliation, all registered voters across the region also will elect a new member of Congress to fill the 12th House seat as today doubles as a special election day.

The position has been vacant since earlier this year when Republican Tom Marino resigned.

Marc Friedenberg is the Democrat and Fred Keller the Republican.

Seeking nomination by the Republican party for county commissioner are: Scott L. Metzger, Tony R. Mussare, Chad J. Riley, Stephan P. Brady, Gabriel J. Campana, John Bower, Todd A. Lauer, Kathryn S. Nassberg, and Jack McKernan. Democrats are Elliott Weiss and Rick Mirabito.

Two people are seeking the Republican nomination for district attorney. They are Ryan Gardner and Nicole M. Ippolito. There are no Democrats on the ballot.

For county judge, the candidates are William Carlucci, Ryan Tira and Mary Kilgus.

They are looking to fill the bench seat held by Judge Richard Gray and have cross-filed.

The list of county prothonotary candidates consist of three Republicans: Kathy Probst, Tammy Stidfole and Thomas D. Heap.

Republicans Susan M. Satteson and Cindy S. Newcomer are seeking nomination for county treasurer.

Republican Dave Huffman is pitted against incumbent Kathy Rhinehart for register recorder. Rhinehart is staging a write-in campaign after her petition to run was found by the Court of Common Pleas to be short of the required 100 signatures.

The city of Williamsport features two people seeking the Republican nomination for mayor. They are Don Noviello and Eric Beiter. Derek Slaughter is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

For city council, three Republicans and three Democrats are on the ballot, but with four spots open on the ballot, there is no contest.

Republicans are Bonnie Katz, Vincent Pulizzi and Adam Yoder. Democrats are David Banks, Tiasha J. Machuga and Jon Mackey.

Another candidate is Bill Hall, who is staging a write-in campaign.

The primary will include nominations for school board positions in East Lycoming, Jersey Shore, Montoursville, Muncy, and South Williamsport school districts.

In East Lycoming, Richard Bradley and Rose Trevouledes are seeking both the Republican and Democratic nominations for a four-year seat in Region One.

Jersey Shore features five candidates seeking two seats in Region One. They are Nancy C. Petrosky, Wayne Kinley, Karen Stover, Kayla L. Calhoon, and Gary Spangler. All but Spangler, who is seeking only the Republican nomination, have crossfiled.

Region Three candidates are John A. Pecchia, Angela M. Grant and Jessie Manotti. All are running on the Democratic and Republican ballots.

In Montoursville, the candidates for the two open Region One seats are incumbent Ronald E. Snell, Dale I. Ulmer and Jessica Knittle.

David J. Eakin and Scott McLean are on both the Democratic and Republican ballots for the borough seat for Muncy School Board. Scott M. Johnson, Steve Hill and Mary E. Reis are the candidates for two open board seats representing Muncy Creek Township.

In South Williamsport, three candidates are on both party ballots for two Region Three seats. They are Todd Engel, Dean Kriebel and Christopher Branton.

Six Republicans and one Democrat are seeking their party’s nominations for four Muncy Borough Council seats.

Republicans are Bill Scott, Elaine McAleer, Scott E. Delany, Linda Stein, Richard “Buzz” Baker, and Thaddeus F. Martin. The Democrat is Jefferey Siverling.

Three borough council seats are up for nomination in DuBoistown. The four Republicans are Jeff Kreger, Richard E. Boyles, Shawn Millard, and Dori Rankinen. The Democrat is Eric K. Hine.

Three candidates are on the Republican ballot for two Loyalsock Township supervisor seats. They are incumbents Paul Nyman and John Bower and Jon L. Phillips.

Candidates for supervisor seats will also appear on the ballot for voters in Limestone, Moreland, Muncy Creek, Penn, and Washington townships.