City Council considers landscape architect for reappointment

A veteran landscape architect was interviewed by City Council’s finance committee Tuesday after agreeing to take another four-year term on the city planning commission.

Christopher Keiser of Larson Design Group, a professional landscape architect, was recommended by Mayor Gabriel J. Campana.

The committee lauded Keiser for his years of invaluable assistance and experience in helping improve the look and functionality of the city, especially its central business district.

Other than Keiser, Harry Sechler, the commission chairman, may hold the title of longest-serving on the commission.

Councilwoman Liz Miele asked Keiser if the city needed to explore any issues with the commission.

Keiser said a parking survey was something to consider. But, he noted, it can be difficult to get the volunteers, including those at various colleges, to do the required survey work to provide statistics to professionals.

No action was needed and the committee moved to recommending council award the cultural arts grants program funds to various non-profit organizations.

The financial awards included: $900 to the Community Arts Center for an educational series of performances; $500 to the Bald Eagle Art League for the art show at Way’s Garden; $500 to the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra for a holiday concert; $500 to the Billtown Blues Association for “Fall into Blues,” which marks the 30th anniversary for the association; $350 to Newberry Community Partnership for “Welcome to Newberry” banners; and $250 to the Repasz Band for the Liberty Classic Community Band Festival.