District approves $15K proposal to install sidewalks

MONTGOMERY– The Montgomery Area School Board approved a $15,400 proposal to install sidewalks near the tennis courts Tuesday.

The sidewalks, to be installed around the Montgomery Area Community Center where the sports fields are located, would have handicap access for the fields.

The final vote was 6-1. Paula Yeckley, Chris Johnson, Dana Pick, Robyn Schreiver, Tony Wright and Gary Yocum voted yes while Jon DeSantis voted no.

Installation with handicap accessibility is said to be completed by the end of summer just before school starts, according to Business Manager Grant S. Evangelisti.

The board also approved water lines to be extended from the community center to the football field, concession stand and practice fields. A price was not given at the time.

The board approved these extensions so that water would be provided at these locations during the school year, helping with sports seasons.

The center is where all of the district’s sports fields are and there needs to be a water connection for drinking water and to water the fields.

“Currently we just have a well,” said Evangelisti. “We don’t have any water up there to water the fields.”

The vote on the water line installation was 6-1, with DeSantis again being the single no vote.

A separate motion was made to extend a water line to the concession stand for $7,430. That line would grant potable water for concessions. The motion also was approved 6-1 with DeSantis voting no.

The board then approved one- and two-inch pipe water lines be extended to the bleachers for $6,480. That particular water line would water the practice fields and was approved 5-2. Yeckley, Pick, Schreiver, Wright and Yocum voted yes while Johnson and DeSantis voted no.

In another matter, the board approved the fall sports coaches for the school year. Many of the coaches listed were the same from the previous season, with one new volunteer Assistant Jr. High football coach, Larry Saunders.

Coaches for fall sports at Montgomery School District include:

• Paul Bozella, varsity football head coach, $4,825.00

• Brian Pick, junior high football head coach, volunteer

• Chip Deem, varsity girls tennis head coach, $4,469.25

• Melissa Balliet, varsity girls soccer head coach, $4,550.00

• John Cloud, varsity golf head coach, $3,080.50

• Chris Glenn, junior high softball head coach, $2,175.00

• Skip Livingston, cross country head coach, volunteer

The next meeting is at 7 p.m. July 16, in the Administrative Board room at 120 Penn St.