Elevator inspection and bid process in play

The elevator at City Hall has been inspected by a third-party contractor as the city awaits a bid to modify it to be returned.

The inspection stamp, marked June 11, has been surpassed, said Adam Winder, general manager of city streets and parks department.

The elevator is safe to use but it is an older model that Mike Snyder, an architect with Gannett-Fleming, determined had exceeded its useful operation span.

The state Department of Labor and Industry requires the inspection.

The bid to modify and add a new car to the system is estimate to be in the $300,000 range, Winder said.

The elevator bid is combined with two add-alternate bids: A security system for the front lobby, which includes walls and an area for a guard, and an accessible ramp leading to the front doors off West Fourth Street.

The combined bids of the elevator, security improvements and ramp are estimated at $650,000, Winder said.

City Council public works committee has said it wanted to review these bids and determine what the available money in the budget should be spent on, said William E. Nichols Jr., city finance director.

The bulk of the funds are from a bond and from City Hall capital improvement funding that was reserved for upgrades to the building.

Council said if the elevator does not pass inspection, it would want to see that project happen first. However, it may decide to wait until the next administration takes office in January for the add-alternate projects to determine what the new mayor would think best.

Council has been considering relocating some of the city offices to another building because of the high estimated cost of repairs, such as roofing, heating and air conditioning, infrastructure discussed above and accessibility requirements, all of which are at about $5 million to $7 million, Nichols said.