Official primary nominees released

Election results for Lycoming County offices, as well as municipal and school board positions, are now official.

Candidates were reported as nominees immediately following the May 21 primary.

But those results were considered unofficial until the county completed its official vote count as required by the state.

Two candidates for Loyalsock Area School Board received the same number of write-in votes on the Republican and Democratic ballots. A special drawing will be held Monday at noon to break the tie between Garth R. Gelnett and Valerie N. Komarnicki to declare the winner.

Those securing party nominations in contested races for offices, as well as write-in vote nominees, are as follows:

Lycoming County Commissioner

• Tony Mussare, Republican

• Scott Metzger, Republican

• Rick Mirabito, Democrat

• Elliot Weiss, Democrat

Lycoming County District Attorney

• Ryan Gardner, Republican

• Ryan Gardner, Democrat (477 write-in votes)

Lycoming County Register & Recorder

• Dave Huffman, Republican

• Kathy J. Rhinehart, Democrat (316 write-in votes).

Lycoming County Prothonotary

• Thomas D. Heap, Republican

• Jeni Nash-Harvey, Democrat

Lycoming County Treasurer

• Cindy S. Newcomer, Republican

• Cindy S. Newcomer, Democrat (112 write-in votes)

Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas Judge

• Ryan Tira, Republican

• Ryan Tira, Democrat

Williamsport Mayor

• Eric Beiter, Republican

East Lycoming School Board

Region 1

• Rose Trevouledes, Republican

• Rose Trevouledes, Democrat

Jersey Shore Area School Board

Region 1

• Wayne E. Kinley, Republican

• Nancy C. Petrosky, Republican

• Kayla Calhoon, Democrat

• Nancy C. Petrosky, Democrat

Region 3

• Angela M. Grant, Republican

• Angela M. Grant, Democrat

Loyalsock Area School Board

• Carolyn R. Strickland, Republican

• Michael J. Zicolello, Republican (109 write-in votes)

• Paul R. Young II, Republican (71 write-in votes)

• Christina L. Kiessling, Republican (70 write-in votes)

• Garth R. Gelnett, Republican (60 write-in votes)

• Valerie N. Komarnicki – (60 write-in votes)

• Carolyn R. Strickland, Democrat (32 write-in votes)

• Michael J. Zicolello, Democrat (24 write-in votes)

• Paul R. Young, Democrat (24 write-in votes)

• Christina Kiessling, Democrat (20 write-in votes)

• Garth R. Gelnett, Democrat (20 write-in votes)

• Valerie N. Komarnicki, Democrat

Montoursville Area School Board

Region 1

• Dale I. Ulmer, Republican

• Ronald E. Snell, Republican

• Dale I. Ulmer, Democrat

• Jessica E. Knittle, Democrat

Muncy School Board

Muncy Borough

• David J. Edkin, Republican

• David J. Edkin, Democrat

Muncy Creek Township

• Steve Hill, Republican

• Scott M. Johnson, Republican

• Steve Hill, Democrat

• Scott M. Johnson, Democrat

Muncy Township

• Joseph E. Earnest, Republican (17 write-in votes)

South Williamsport School Board

Region 3

• Todd Engel, Republican

• Christopher Branton, Republican

• Todd Engel, Democrat

• Christopher Branton, Democrat

Duboistown Borough Council

• Jeff Kreger, Republican

• Dori Rankinen, Republican

• Shawn Millard, Republican

Fairfield Township Supervisor

• Charles S. Hall, Republican (41 write-in votes)

Jersey Shore Borough Council

Fourth Ward

Scott A. Bierly, Republican (23 write-in votes)

Loyalsock Township Supervisor

• Paul Nyman, Republican

• John Bower, Republican

• Paul Nyman, Democrat (16 write-in votes)

• John L. Phillips, Democrat (10 write-in votes)

Mill Creek Township Supervisor

• Wayne K. Swink, Republican (30 write-in votes)

Montgomery Borough Council

• Clayton M. Steward Sr., Democrat (14 write-in votes)

Muncy Borough Council

• Scott E. Delaney, Republican

• Richard Buzz Baker, Republican

• Linda Stein, Republican

• Thaddeus F. Martin, Republican

Muncy Creek Township Supervisor

• Daniel Whitmoyer, Republican

Pine Township Supervisor

• Paula Summers, Republican (10 write-in votes)

Salladasburg Borough Council

• John G. Cohick, Republican (15 write-in votes)

Shrewsbury Township Supervisor

• Terry L Dincher, Republican (12 write-in votes)

Washington Township Supervisor

• Devin O’Rourke, Republican

Wolf Township Supervisor

Two-year seat

• David A. Thomas, Republican (36 write-in votes)

• David A. Thomas, Democrat (10 write-in votes)


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