Police seek new speed limit signs in school zone

The South Williamsport Borough Police are trying to get the school zone’s speed limit signs posted correctly and approved by the state Department of Transportation, said Chief of Police Carl Finnerty at the borough Council meeting Monday.

The signs currently denote the speed limit as 15 miles per hour, but that could change once PennDOT makes its decision.

Finnerty added that he put in a request for both Central Elementary and Rommelt Elementary to be looked at by PennDOT and have them decide what the “proper signage” should be. The request was submitted at the end of May to PennDOT for proper testings to take place and there was an immediate response to begin the process. Testings should take place two weeks after the day of submission, so the process should begin not far from now.

Kristen McLaughlin presented the 2019 Community Development Block Grant budget in a public hearing, detailing the funds for this year’s projects that will go through a vote in the August 12 meeting.

While the funding won’t be seen until the year 2020, a public hearing on October 17 will allow community members to add their input before the projects are finalized in that same meeting.

Also in the meeting, John Bickhart and Christine Weigle of the Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority provided an annual review of the various elements involved in the storm water management program known as MS4 and solicit public involvement.

MS4, which stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, permits are into a new five year cycle. Weigle stressed to the council members that five years in municipality projects are much shorter than they think, and to make sure they take this into consideration when reviewing funding.

Bickhart also reviewed two minimum control measure plans: a public education and outreach plan and the public involvement and participation plan. In both, the goal is “to provide adequate public notice and opportunity for public review, input and feedback on any new ordinance related to MS4.”

The plan was acted upon at the Monday meeting as the public were given notice prior if they wanted to be in attendance. Weigle added that the authority would continue to have open work meetings and make sure the public continues to be involved.


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