Republicans have fourth City Council candidate

A city resident and former city councilman has secured the required number of write-in votes for the Republican nomination and will be one of seven candidates seeking four open seats on council in the Nov. 5 general election.

Bill Hall has garnered 110 write-in votes in the May 21 primary election, according to the official vote count released by Lycoming County Voter Services.

There were 102 various names for write-in votes on the Republican side and 127 for the Democrats. These are called “scattered” and do not specifically name Hall as a candidate, according to the office.

It sets up the general election scenario with three Democrats and four Republicans seeking four open council seats.

Democratic council candidates are: David Banks, Tiasha J. Machuga and Jon Mackey. Republican council candidates include: Hall, Bonnie Katz, Vincent Pulizzi and Adam Yoder.

Other write-in votes were tallied by the election office were reported by the office. For Republicans, they include 61 for city controller; 18 for city treasurer and 152 for mayor.

For Democrats, they include 92 for mayor; 127 for council; 98 for treasurer and 16 for controller.