Township approves senior center expansion contracts

Senior citizens in Loyalsock Township and elementary school students after classes are going to have a place to congregate and sometimes share activities.

Township supervisors Tuesday night approved contracts for building a $1 million extension on the recreation center at 1607 Four Mile Drive.

The approval comes with pending solicitor review and consulting oversight from the SEDA-Council of Governments, but the general building and related contracts were awarded.

In the township, there are more senior citizens than there has been space available.

Over the past three years, the township and its partners have come up with the funding sources to build the $1,048,000 facility, said Bill Burdett, township manager.

He considered it to be a historic moment for the township, which has a large retired and senior citizen population.

The facility will have Meals on Wheels and arts and crafts and a bus program for trips.

It’s going to be called STEP Loyalsock Center for Health Aging.

The seniors want to raise $10,000 and have reached three-quarters of their goal.

After school, the center will be used as a space for after-school programing for elementary school students, said Shannon Lukowsky, township recreation director.

There may be occasions when the seniors interact with the children.

An informal ground breaking ceremony is expected to take place later this month.


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