Costs to be shared in dump truck purchase

HUGHESVILLE — The borough approved the purchase of a modified 2020 Ford F650 dump truck for about $41,000 Monday to help public works employees with the transfer of heavy loads, such as concrete curbing.

The borough passed the spending with a clause stipulating that the Hughesville Water Authority agrees to split the total cost of the vehicle, $82,297. The addition of a stainless steel salt spreader, however, will be paid by the borough alone.

The truck is to be purchased from Sunbury Motor Co., then modified by Maxwell Truck and Equipment in State College. The vendor anticipates delivery of the final product in 12 to 15 weeks.

The current dump truck has needed a large amount of maintenance due to consistent overloading, according to Matt Deming, public works supervisor. The new truck is rated to carry 6 to 7 tons.

Though the borough had the option to install airbags, it declined, as it would have required any operator to hold a Commercial Driver’s License.

“They can’t do the four-wheel drive in the F650 because, if they did then that, weight with the axle in the transfer case would set off the weight of the truck, and then you couldn’t put anything in it, legally,” said Deming.

Unless the borough is hit with a major snowstorm, said Deming, there’s no need to use it to plow snow — it’s too large.

In other business, the borough council purchased the labor and materials for the installation of ADA compliant sidewalk corners at the intersection of South Broad and West Academy streets for 9,999 from John Sonso Concrete.

The job is expected to be complete by mid-August.

All council members were present.