Mayor seeks requests for proposals

Requests for proposals for City Hall on engineer, air conditioning and heating, consulting, construction management and other professional services will be made for the remainder of the year, Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said.

“It’s about time,” said Campana, who added he would present the proposal for City Council’s consideration next week. “We might be able to save some bucks.”

The requests for proposals for professional services do not have to be done for any legal reasons, Campana said.

“I want to be transparent and allow other companies to participate in the process,” he said.

Campana alluded to the ongoing effort to make City Hall more accessible.

For many years, the city has had the same contractors, he said.

Many of these companies, such as Larson Design Group, Delta Development, Penn Strategies and Reynolds Construction Management Inc., have done good work, he said.

“It is time for others to have a shot,” he said. “We may select the existing professional services providers, but we will give others a chance to submit proposals,” he said.

The proposal by the mayor will be provided to council in coming days, he said.

Jason Fitzgerald, city economic development consultant and president of Penn Strategies Inc., has long thought the requests for proposals should be done.

Penn Strategies advocated that position — requesting proposals even when not required by law — for years, Fitzgerald said.