New teacher hired; work continues on upgrades

MUNCY — Muncy School Board hired a new elementary school teacher Monday night.

Karina Fry will be assigned to Ward L. Myers Elementary School in the 2019-20 year.

Fry begins her job at a rate of a recent bachelor degree graduate, said Craig Skaluba, the district superintendent.

In the ongoing high school upgrades, Reynolds Construction Management Inc. will be providing board members with the latest information on the $17 million project in their latest packets.

The public then gets regular updates on the school Website, Skaluba said.

Change-orders for construction projects on the high school renovation included hot water piping rerouting for heating and air conditioning. The increases cost about $25,000 and include overtime costs.

While the classroom, athletic field and locker room alterations are occurring, the board is holding session at the cafetorium at Ward L. Myers Elementary School.

The summer has included professional development.

Most recently, teachers in kindergarten through third grades took part in professional development for reading improvement for younger students.

Sarah Woodward, board member, noted her pleasure with the reading instruction for teachers due to the diagnostic indicators the company instructing the teachers provided.

The extended school year, through the summer, has 20 students enrolled.

A revised emergency preparedness policy was unable to be approved without further legal advisement, Skaluba said.

A field trip next year to Guatemala for culture at no cost to district taxpayers remains on hold until it is voted on. The two-week trip is set for July 2020 but there was not enough board members attending the meeting to have a discussion, Skaluba said.

The board named various department chairs. They include: Gary Smith, math; Jennifer Gotshall, English; Beth Baker, social studies; Robin Peterman, science; Mark Kreisher, Unified Arts

Michael Weber, Dean of Students, with a salary of $5,500; Bradley Watkins, hallway monitor; Brooke Walters; substitute hallway monitor; Bryan Waltz, substitute hallway monitor.

The board also:

• Approved an on-line course taught by a certified content area staff member as follows: $1,500, for one to five students and $2,400, for six to 10 students.

• Authorized paying professional staff at the homebound rate using federal funds.

• Granted Lindsy Maxwell’s movement request for master’s degree-plus 30 on the negotiated salary scale.

• Approved paying Eric Mitcheltree and Scott White at the homebound rate for instructing the following summer courses: Terrestrial Field Studies and Aquatic Field Studies

• Approved Jonathan Bennett as practice driving instructor.

The next regular meeting is 7 p.m. Aug. 19 at the elementary cafetorium.


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