Sinkholes popping up around city proper

At least eight sinkholes are being addressed by city streets and parks department and Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority crews.

City officials said Thursday that at least four of those eight depressions in city streets had to be repaired by authority crews and were either water or sewer or a combination of lines.

The depressions or sinkholes in the street pavement are located throughout the city and not in one particular location, city officials said.

The largest of these was the recent collapse of a combined sewer/water discharge system that was made of brick on Campbell Street. The project has cost $600,000 for the authority and reportedly was not included in the authority budget.

The sinkholes are initially reported to city streets and parks personnel, according officials with the city public works committee.

There is coordination between the public works employees and authority staff on what entity is responsible and how to repair them.

If the public notices a sinkhole, contact public works or water authority, officials said.


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