Codes: City Hall may need more upgrades

The city codes administrator has recommended a committee be formed to specifically look at accessibility needs for City Hall.

Joseph Gerardi, codes administrator, told City Council’s public works committee Tuesday the $650,000 in bids for City Hall improvements are just a start and it could be millions of dollars in accessibility upgrades necessary.

“I see five issues here in council chambers,” he said, pointing toward the podium where the administration and guest speakers address council.

The bids to modified the elevator, add a ramp on West Fourth Street side and put in additional security on the first-floor lobby are the projects under consideration but Gerardi provided the Sun-Gazette with a long list of items that also need to be updated.

Such items include the height of the counter at the tax office, the slant of the parking lots around the building, bathrooms on every other floor, light fixtures and general access through doors, Gerardi said.

Earlier estimates to upgrade accessibility were put in the millions of dollars, he said.

“We don’t have the funds,” he said.

The public works building at 1500 W. Third St. and fire headquarters on Walnut Street also would need to see upgrades, said Adam Winder, public works department general manager.

Councilman Don Noviello said that is why he advocates for a hard look at possible building a county-city public safety building that is modern and able to serve for the 21st Century.


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