Montoursville investigates cause of dead fish in Indian Park pond water

Montoursville Borough officials are testing the water from the pond in Indian Park after a number of fish turned up dead.

Located at the north end of the park near Interstate 180, the pond is a popular spot for anglers.

The cause of the fish kill is unknown at this time.

“We are on top of it,” borough secretary/treasurer Ginny Gardner said.

Added Mayor Steve Bagwell: “As soon as we found it, we sent away water for testing.”

Montoursville officials had no further comment on the fish kill, but released the following statement on the borough Facebook site:

“The Borough is aware of a fish kill that occurred at the large pond in Indian Park between Friday, Aug. 9, and Monday, Aug. 12.

“Water quality testing was immediately ordered and is ongoing to determine the cause and any corrective action necessary.

“Preliminary indications are that an increase in ammonia concentration in the pond may be causing ammonia toxicity in the affected fish. Increased ammonia concentrations can occur as a result of an imbalance in the nitrogen cycle (a process in which natural bacteria digest nitrogen from fish waste and organic debris).

“Additional water quality testing and monitoring will be completed as needed. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.”

The name of the water testing company was not released by borough officials.