State fire chiefs ask for firework reconsideration

City Fire Chief Todd Heckman has joined other fire chiefs in the state in asking state legislators to reconsider fireworks laws.

The law puts products such as 2 1/2 inch mortars in the hands of the public. They are louder and more explosive than fireworks allowed before the law changed two years ago, said Heckman at the public safety committee hearing.

The city, however, amended the nuisance ordinance to include days limiting their use. They are to be used only around Independence Day and New Year’s Day, Heckman said.

Councilman Joel Henderson said it was good that the city had amended the fireworks ordinance, which provides for enforcement to be done by the city police.

Henderson and Councilman Don Noviello also said it would be good to see statistics of other cities such as Chambersburg or Reading, which are on the list of the fire chiefs asking for the law to be re-examined by legislators.

Discussion ended without any action taken.


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