Woodward supervisors OK police coverage feasibility study

LINDEN — The Woodward Township supervisors took another step toward getting police coverage in the township Wednesday by approving a free feasibility study to be done by Old Lycoming and Tiadaghton Regional Valley police departments.

Gary Knarr, zoning administrator, explained the study would give the supervisors and area residents a better idea of which regular police calls happen. The study will be given to the supervisors once completed.

Police will be stationed at both ends of the township keeping an eye out for possible issues that occur and how often, giving

officials clearer knowledge on what action should be taken.

The supervisors are hoping to get more details about police coverage including the cost as well as citizen feedback before making a decision, said Chairman Alan Worth.

In other business, the planning commission met on Aug. 14 to discuss their dissatisfaction with the change in the ordinance from last month’s meeting.

“They were dissatisfied that the township went against their recommendation to not amend the changed ordinance,” Knarr said.

“It wasn’t a change, it clarified that the set-backs are the same,” Marc Drier, solicitor, said. “The most pertinent part was that it was a clarification — nothing was relieved.”

Further comments were made by community members, leading to a heated discussion about what the zoning board will do about specialty cases in which the views of the roadway are blocked.

“The intent was to keep the citizens of the township from wasting their money on a hearing that wasn’t necessary if we clarified the ordinance,” Worth said. “We don’t want to burden the township, that was what it was about.”

For more questions about the ordinance change, citizens can call the supervisors at their leisure.

In another matter, there is still a vacant spot on the Zoning Hearing Board that needs to be filled. If there are questions or interest in that position, citizens may call the Zoning Hearing Board.

The next meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at the township building along Route 220.