Loyalsock Township discusses program for gas connections

Loyalsock Township Supervisors discussed the new “Get Gas” program to connect residents to gas service while maintaining road conditions with UGI on Tuesday.

Supervisors also discussed controlling a debris pile along Windfield Drive.

UGI recently proposed the “Get Gas” program resolution to the supervisors with concerns of road restoration with the program that intends to get gas to township residents while maintaining the road’s conditions. The ordinance that was proposed by Ryan M. Tira, the previous solicitor for the township, was reviewed by UGI and they commented on said ordinance.

GET, stands for Gas Extension Tariff according to the UGI Representative. It’s a new tariff that the company that allows for a longer period of time, 12 years, for residents to receive the gas, with lesser payments. Within the new tariff, this justifies the large investment, and residents to not have a large upcharge in order to get gas to their homes.

Currently, there is a monthly fee of $44.90 to be paid over a 10-year time frame. With the new financing structure, that monthly fee drops to about $29. There is also an option to “buy-out” in which the payment also decreased in price.

There are concerns with construction and where to drill for these projects. The goal is to do construction where it costs least, according to the UGI representative.

In that case, there has been a resolution for the program which was created by Tira. The board is required to advertise for the program, but will wait until after the new solicitor, Mike Wiley, takes a look at the ordinance and makes the appropriate changes for the township and UGI.

There are about five projects in mind right now including Lincoln Street, Elliott Street and Elwood Street.

In other business, Lou Miele, of Miele Amusements, has cleaned up a property in the township that has seven or eight piles of vine material alongside Windfield Drive that he would like to burn with appropriate weather conditions, awareness of the fire company and the approval of the board.

Miele said he would like to burn two piles at a time and will have 220 gallons of water on site to ensure the safety of the project. Mike Minnier, chief of the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company, does not see any issues with the burn as it will be controlled, Miele would just need to call the 9-1-1 center to keep them aware of the burn.

The controlled burn was approved with Paul D. Nyman, Virginia M. Eaton, John C. Bower Jr. and Richard H. Wheeland voting yes and Marc C. Sortman abstaining and is scheduled for Sept. 21 barring abnormal wind conditions.

Fire company officials said the company did not receive a rejection letter in applying for a grant to cover new uniforms but also have not received any grant funds during the first bids. They are still in the running for a bid for grant money, there will be updates as the company becomes aware.

In another matter, the board unanimously approved to hire Kyle Shuler at an hourly rate of $7.25 to help with the kids tennis program at the Recreation Center.

The next Loyalsock Township Supervisors meeting will be Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the township building on E. Third St.