Jersey Shore YMCA shows off improvements

JERSEY SHORE — The people of this community are proud of their YMCA and even prouder after improvements made to the facility.

On Wednesday, residents and supporters of the Jersey Shore Branch YMCA gathered to see first-hand the changes to the building.

“I am so excited about it being done,” Jersey Shore Branch YMCA Executive Director Corrine Amron said.

Amron noted that the project, launched between four and five years ago, was the brainchild of Betty Allen who wanted to dedicate space in the building to her brother, the late Robert Shangraw, a former trustee and dedicated supporter of the YMCA.

The project initially included improvements made to the front porch, with new railings and posts and a handicapped accessible ramp to the front entrance.

A grant of $65,500 from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania allowed for additional improvements to the first floor bathrooms, new doors and the purchase of weight exercise equipment.

The weight room, meanwhile, has been relocated to an adjacent room, which underwent floor resurfacing. The two separate wellness areas are now accessible into one functional and inviting wellness area, according to officials.

Bathroom improvements included new sinks, stalls, lighting and flooring.

More efficient lighting fixtures throughout the facility are planned to help reduce utility and maintenance costs.

Jersey Shore Mayor Denny Thompson said the community is blessed to have a YMCA and to offer its services to residents.

“We have a Y, a library and pool,” he said. “A lot of places can’t say that.”

He noted the YMCA is used by lots of people too, including children who show up before attending school.

Of the improvements made to the building, Thompson said, “I think they did a very excellent job.”

Allen said the YMCA has meant so much to Jersey Shore.

Officials are hopeful the YMCA can continue to offer services and programs for years to come.

Christine Kinney, membership and wellness director, Jersey Shore Branch YMCA, said Live Strong at YMCA Program, a cancer survivor service, will be offered at the site beginning in the spring.


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