Man accused of abusing a corpse sentenced on drug charges

An area man accused leaving a body in a hotel room, in Nov. 2018, and recently convicted of drug dealing charges, was sentenced Tuesday for prior drug possession charges.

As police allege in early-November 2018, John R. Cobb Jr., 59, neglected to notify emergency responders that the woman he had been staying with in the Budget Inn Motel, at 2295 Lycoming Creek Road. Upon arrest, Cobb said he spent the next four days sleeping on porches.

On Sept. 28 of this year, Cobb was found guilty for selling crack cocaine to a confidential informant six months before he was charged with abuse of a corpse.

Cobb was sentenced to six months to one year, Tuesday, for possession of cocaine and drug from charges filed in May 2017, The year before both incidents.

He was stopped by officers soon after leaving his residence that day, said Judge Marc F. Lovecchio.

When Cobb was arrested for having the cocaine and paraphernalia in the form of cigarettes on his person, Cobb said, “He picked up the cigarette pack because he was concerned about kids in the neighborhood,” according to Judge Lovecchio.

The court decided against Cobb, instead ruling that the drugs and paraphernalia was his own.

Following evaluations, the judge said Cobb had a high chance of recidivism.

Cobb, who had previously decided to represent himself, elected to say nothing on his own behalf.


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