Playground funding seems to be on target

An all-inclusive, accessible playground for Memorial Park is closer to being fully financed following Tuesday’s City Council finance committee meeting.

The committee — consisting of Councilwomen Liz Miele and Gerry Fausnaught — gave a positive recommendation to use $265,000 in grants for the $361,000 project that will be an open invitation for those with special needs to recreate, learn and have fun.

The playground’s design shows it has sensory chimes and a panel, a swing set, climbing devices, a ramp access and soft rubber floor mat.

The city streets and parks department is saving more than $30,000 by doing its own excavation, said Adam Winder, department general manager.

The concept drawings were given to the committee by Shawn Washington, city recreation director. He noted the playground construction could be completed in spring.

Fausnaught said the city must remember to put aside funding for reinstallation of parts and pieces and general maintenance.

The committee also gave a positive recommendation for the city administration to apply for a $2 million line of credit to cover cash flow issues while the city awaits for grant reimbursement on building and other projects. The committee recommendations head to council Thursday.


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