Council to form ad-hoc committee on City Hall

“You would not believe the amount of work this building really needs.”

That’s what Adam Winder, general manager of city streets and parks department, told City Council Thursday night.

The council has been provided with an estimate of $2 million worth of work needed to bring the building into compliance.

A portion of the roof closer to West Fourth Street and Government Place needs to be repaired, air conditioning and heating systems are failing and there is moisture in walls as drywall in impacted, officials said.

“Every day we’re finding more and more things wrong,” he said.

“That is why they always say it is cheaper to build anew than sometimes renovate,” Council President Randall J. Allison said.

“That’s going to be on them,” said outgoing Mayor Gabriel J. Campana, who believed and stated previously it was not financially feasible to relocate out of the building.

Council has reached a consensus it wants to form an ad-hoc committee to examine the viability and cost of remaining or leaving the building in 2020 or beyond.

Now, Center for Independent Living, an advocacy group for disabled Americans, is preparing civil action in federal court against the city for inaccessibility and civil rights violations after several could not leave the building using automatic doors, and required assistance from police.


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