County adds new Commissioner

Tony Mussare and Rick Mirabito held on to their Lycoming County Commissioner seats, while Scott Metzger, who received the highest number of votes, becomes the newest member of the three-person board, according to unofficial election results.

Jack McKernan, an incumbent Republican who staged a write-in campaign, appears to have not accumulated sufficient votes to hold on to his seat.

Two other commissioner candidates staging write-ins were Stephan Brady and Chad Riley.

Democrat Elliott Weiss finished fourth among the four candidates on the ballot.

Final unofficial election totals were as follows: Metzger, 14,278; Mussare, 14,046; Mirabito, 7,861; and Weiss, 5,519

There were a total of 3,955 write-in votes cast for Lycoming County Commissioner. Write-in votes for specific people will not be known until later this month.

The election results somewhat mirror numbers from the spring primary when Republicans Mussare and Metzger and Mirabito, a Democrat, received the highest number of votes.

“Obviously, I’m very proud of my committee. Scott and I ran as a team,” Mussare said Tuesday night. “I just knew we were going to win. I think we will make a tremendous team as commissioners. I know we have challenges, but we are up to the task.”

Mussare thanked his wife and family for supporting him throughout his campaign.

Between them, Mussare and Metzger picked up 62 percent of the votes.

Mirabito, a former state representative, said his campaign meant getting his message out to the people.

“I want people to understand the message and what I stand for,” he said. “It all starts as a commissioner to understand the issues and find solutions. We all have a obligation to find solutions and work together to find solutions. When you do that, you move the whole community forward. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues.”

Mirabito noted he will continue to work with all municipalities as well as on the budget issues of the county.

“Whatever party you are, you will face financial realities of our municipalities,” he said. “Budget problems are there. Our job is to solve them.”

For Metzger, it was his first stab at running for public office after spending more than 30 years working in county adult probation.

“First, I would like to thank God because none of this would be possible without him. I want to thank my wife, my family, my committee and their families for their dedication and sacrifices throughout my campaign,” Metzger said. “Lastly, I would like to thank the voters who supported me with their vote of confidence. I look forward to working with Tony and Rick to make Lycoming County the outstanding county that it is. I would like to wish the other candidates well with their future endeavors and for their services they have provided to Lycoming County.”


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