County officials continue counting local votes

Lycoming County Voter Services officials have been busy this week conducting the official count.

The government-mandated process, which got under way Friday, involves re-counting and checking all the ballots that were cast in the county on Election Day for accuracy.

Much of the task involves scrutinizing the many number of write-in votes from different races, according to Forrest Lehman, director of Voter Services.

He could not comment on any of the votes still being tabulated.

Among the official vote results most eagerly anticipated are those for Montgomery mayor.

Sean Leet, the only candidate on the ballot, drew 91 votes. However, there were also 116 write-in votes.

Voter Service officials are tasked with officially deciding what single person or persons received those votes.

Any discrepancies that turn up in the voting process can be corrected during the official count.


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