DuBoistown delays decision to dissolve police department

A decision to dissolve the borough police department was tabled Thursday, following a 285-signature petition and public outcry.

Though the council originally voted to deny a motion to form a steering committee 5-2, they unanimously passed the motion in a second vote.

Council members Eric Fausy, Paul McKinley, Richard Boyles, Nathan Maynard, and Michael Rogers first opposed the position.

“I believe at this time, based upon the petition that was circulated through the borough by, I would say, one-third of registered voters, that at this point we want to keep our police department,” said Shawn Millard, council member.

Police coverage around the clock is important to the community, he said, adding, “Where that coverage comes from, we need to talk about that.”

The committee, consisting of council members Nathan Maynard and Shawn Millard, and community members Bryan Trojan and John McCormick, was given six months to arrive at a decision to present to council.

The original proposal was to eliminate the borough police department and open a contract with South Williamsport’s police department, which was not to exceed $96,000.

Currently, DuBoistown is “in the red” about $100,000, according to Councilman Richard Boyles, and attempting to formulate a budget.