Transportation committee adopts coordinated transit plan

The Williamsport Area Transportation Study (WATS) Technical Committee on Monday adopted its Coordinated Transit Plan.

The newly updated plan considers transportation needs for the multi-county region as required by the federal government every five years.

Mark Murawski, of WATS Metro Planning Organization, noted the plan is the result of as SEDA-Council of Governments study, as well as public feedback.

The SEDA-COG Metropolitian Planning Organization closely coordinates transportation planning activities with neighboring Lycoming County, which is served by the Williamsport Area Transportation Study (WATS) MPO.

The joint plan update considers all human service transportation needs with an emphasis on low-income populations, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

“There has been a major effort to look at fixed transit needs beyond Lycoming County,” Murawski said.

In other matters, John Lavelle of WATS Metro Planning Organization, gave an update on recent transportation projects across Lycoming County.

They include repaving county farm road and three parking lots, repairing Cedar Run Bridge and replacing a beam of the covered bridge in Buttonwood.

A bigger project involves major repairs of the culvert system along Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore.

Murawski noted the Williamsport Municipal Regional Airport leakage report should be finished by the end of the year.

Volaire Aviation Consulting is performing the $12,600 study to learn various statistics including air passenger destinations and departures and what airports are being used by travelers.

Airport leakage refers to travelers avoiding the use of local airports to take advantage of lower fares or more convenient services elsewhere.


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