Police pact seen as ‘win-win’ for South Side, DuBoistown

A promise of more hours of patrol availability and police protection for both communities was cited as the major benefit in the police agreement approved by South Williamsport Borough Council Monday night.

Also approved by DuBoistown Borough Council, the five-year agreement does not cost South Williamsport residents a penny, said Steven W. Cappelli, borough manager.

It requires DuBoistown to pay $117,350 a year with a 3 percent salary increase per year over the next five years, he said.

The law enforcement contract places former DuBoistown Chief Norman Hager into a probationary status for six months and makes him a borough community resource officer. Hager receives an annual salary of $46,822 plus benefits, according to the contract.

“Personality conflicts and politics have been what prevented this partnership from advancing,” Cappelli said.

DuBoistown residents can be assured when they contact police for an emergency, they won’t have to settle for a state trooper who might be in Watson Township, he said.

It provides for 10 officers and dissolves the neighboring police department, but without missing a beat, Cappelli said.

The police station at DuBoistown will be used as a sub-station, he said. That department will be liquidating its assets in the near future, Cappelli said.

A few residents listened and one or two asked a couple of questions, but they were put at ease when they were told the agreement is paid for by DuBoistown and not South Williamsport.

The agreement is final and begins at the start of the year.

Hager will be available to assist with office administration as well as response to calls and patrol, the document said.

In his last meeting as a councilman, Carl Nolan, voted against the pact. He said beforehand that he would not be voting in favor of it. Councilman Henry Frey Jr. was absent. All others on council approved the agreement.


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