‘Rollercoaster’ of a week starts out warmer, but with lows in the 20s

The week is expected to start off abnormally warmer with a lot of rain, but those temperatures will drop to “below normal lows” later in the week, according to a forecaster with the National Weather Service in State College.

“The best way to summarize this week is a rollercoaster,” John Banghoff, forecaster, said. “It will be warm, then cold, and then warmer heading into next weekend. The warm area will bring rain and it will quickly drop to below normal temperatures for the middle part of the week.”

Today starts the two-day streak of warmer weather and an increased chance of rain before the cold front comes through.

“Monday and Tuesday both are going to be pretty wet days as that cold front moves through,” Banghoff said.

The high’s for today are just under 50 degrees with a 100 percent chance of rain, according to Banghoff.

Tuesday continues the streak with highs in the 50s and showers dwindling around a 60 percent chance of rain as the cold front comes in through the night into Wednesday.

The low for Tuesday night will be around 28 degrees.

Banghoff predicted that the city could see an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall between today and Tuesday’s showers.

“It will dry out after that and it will be pretty chilly,” he said.

Wednesday will have a high around 37 degrees and the temperatures drop below freezing again at around 21 degrees for the overnight low.

Thursday is said to have gusty winds with low wind chills and below normal temperatures.

“It will definitely be a big difference from the 50s,” Banghoff said. “The lows are a little bit below normal but the big story is going to be the wind.”

Thursday’s highs will stay around 33 degrees and will not exceed 40 degrees with a low of 22 overnight.

The weekend’s weather remains dry and temperatures will increase, according to Banghoff.

Friday’s highs are at 39 degrees with a low of 32 degrees into Saturday morning.

Saturday and Sunday are similar in that their highs are below 50, but also above freezing.

Saturday’s highs will be around 46 degrees while Sunday’s high is said to be around 45 degrees and lows in the mid to high 30s for both nights.


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