Area man’s horse shot, euthanized

PICTURE ROCKS — Ted Baker rushed home from work after his neighbor called to inform him his horse, Romeo, had been hurt at Baker’s Woodley Hollow Road home.

Baker said his neighbor had seen the horse in the pasture and at one point it lost it’s footing and could not regain it.

“It was a shock,” Baker said. “He was laying in a pool of blood with his rear legs compound fractured.”

After the horse was found, Baker called his veterinarian who stated they had never seen an incident like this one before and euthanized the animal.

“I had him (Romeo) since he was 6 months old,” Baker said. “He wasn’t just a horse or just a pet, I referred to him as a friend.”

Baker added that state police deemed the incident as “intentional” due to the location of the animal in the pasture. The investigation remains ongoing and there is currently no person of interest.

“There’s a bad individual out there,” Baker added. “I didn’t want to sit back and not say anything. We need to be vigilant.”


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