County prioritizes projects for 2020

Lycoming County Commissioner Scott Metzger briefly outlined some of the projects the county will address in 2020 at Thursday’s commissioners’ meeting

Among the orders of business will be the hiring of a director of the Department of Public Safety to fill the vacancy left with the retirement of John Yingling.

Commissioners will continue to pursue sales of White Deer Golf Course land for potential development and the Executive Plaza building, which houses several county departments including the commissioners offices.

Commissioners hope to find a new home for the office of District Judge William Solomon and for the county coroner.

Other priorities in 2020, Metzger said, will include updating outdated county policies and procedures, working with businesses to promote economic growth and bringing broadband to the county to underserved areas.

Metzger also called for improving communication among the commissioners, the public, the courts, employees and all stakeholders.

Commissioners said they would like to hear more from the public about how to fund projects and other needs of the county.

Commissioner Tony Mussare raised the possibility, in some cases, of setting aside a specific tax for a project rather than using a long-term bond investment.

Kavin Rossman, 925 Maxwell St., Williamsport, said he’s not against raising taxes.

“We wouldn’t have the resources we have if people wouldn’t be willing to pay for it,” he said.

He said he is against taxes for frivolous purposes, however.

County Prothonotary Thomas Heap said many people were upset a number of years ago when the county specifically designated a tax to fund its libraries.


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