Expect clear day as storm moves in

3-5 inches of snow possible Saturday

A “widespread snowfall all day” with increased chances of sleet and freezing rain is forecast for Saturday, according to Steve Travis, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

According to Travis, the forecast is still uncertain as the elements of rain could mean less or more snow.

“The clouds will be moving into the area as the storm approaches from the west,” Travis added.

The action could start as early as 7 a.m. Saturday morning with a mix of different periods of light, moderate and even heavy snow showers at times.

“This isn’t the type of storm system that would bring squalls,” Travis added.

Though there is a chance for the snow to stick and accumulate upwards of 5 inches, Travis said that the rain and sleet that is supposed to come through in the evening could change the amount of snow we will receive.

“We could see more snow if the sleet mixes in later,” he said. “If the sleet mixes in quicker (earlier in the day) it could mean less snow. There is still some uncertainty.”

With that, Travis added that locals should keep an eye on the weather if they are planning on leaving the house at all on Saturday.

“There could be blowing snow and snow-covered roads,” he said. “Sleet can make for difficult travels.”

The storm on the other hand will blow over by Saturday night ending with light snow showers into Sunday with highs in the low 30s and mostly cloudy, but dry, skies. There still could be some “slippery conditions” from the day before, according to Travis.

Thursday’s weather brought a wind advisory to the city with northwest winds coming in around 22 miles per hour with gusts close to 50 miles per hour continuing into today with chilly weather including gusts of wind nearing 30 miles per hour and temperatures in the upper 20s according to Travis.

Tonight’s weather will move into the teens as the storm starts to come through, but will remain dry throughout night according to Travis.

Heading into next week, Travis warns locals that the weather is going to be “colder” than what we have seen recently with lows in the teens and even some days in the single digits.

“It will return to more wintry weather,” he said.


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