Slaughter chooses administration team

Mayor Derek Slaughter identified his administrative team on Tuesday.

The individuals include: Damon Hagan, police chief; Mark Sechrist, assistant police chief; Todd Heckman, fire chief; Mark Killian, assistant fire chief and Dave Dymeck, deputy fire chief; Joseph Gerardi, codes administrator Shawn Washington, recreation director Joseph Pawlak, finance director and Stephanie Young, community development director.

Hagan was promoted to chief in February, 2019; Heckman was chief for most of Campana’s administration following the retirement of Dean Heinbach; Gerardi was in the position as soon as Campana was elected in 2008 and Washington is a recent hire by Campana in his final year in office.

Slaughter declined to comment on the particulars of why he terminated the employment of William E. Nichols Jr., as finance director and general manager of River Valley Transit and Mark Benner, city engineer, last week.

When asked, he said he had no timetable for their replacements.

Slaughter said there were some appointments and reappointments he was working through for the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority and Williamsport Parking Authority.

Third class city code provides for department heads as public safety director, director of administration and community development, said Norman Lubin, city solicitor.


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