Thompson announces re-election campaign

HOWARD — U.S. Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson has announced his intention to seek reelection to Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District.

The “Vision 2020: Building on Success” tour will begin on Friday, Jan. 24, in Indiana County, with events throughout the next week taking Thompson to the 13 other counties that make up the 15th district.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Thompson spent nearly 30 years working in non-profit healthcare, focused on helping individuals with life-changing disease and disability.

As a volunteer fire fighter, EMT, and scout leader, his life’s mission has been dedicated to serving his neighbors and community.

The father of a Purple Heart Wounded Warrior, Thompson understands the sacrifice veterans and troops make every day and works to keep his commitments to them.

Thompson cites being humbled by working with President Trump to pass legislation making it easier to train workers and create access to new opportunities, in order to fill the 7.1 million jobs available across the country.

“This tour is a great way to focus on the issues and highlight some of the successes we’ve had, whether legislatively or with constituent casework and advocacy. Together, we’ve delivered on lower taxes, higher wages, and a better economy for Pennsylvania’s farmers, small businesses and families,” said Thompson.

In 2019, Thompson and his staff held more than 1,100 meetings in the district, sitting down with constituents to solve problems and learn more about their most pressing issues and challenges.

In the coming week, Thompson has more than 30 events scheduled throughout the district and will be joined by friends, supporters, farmers, manufacturers and small businesses.

“As I travel the 15th District, there is a lot of optimism about the economy and we are seeing America’s innovation and entrepreneurial potential being unleashed. But there is still much to be done when it comes to strengthening our communities, staying vigilant against substance abuse and addiction, and tackling our broken immigration system. I want to ensure that our region continues to have a strong voice in Washington and to earn reelection the way I have in the past, through hard work, being present and communicating with the constituents,” Thompson added.


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