Airport to see reduced number of flights

American Airlines customers will have fewer opportunities to fly in and out of Williamsport Regional Airport over the next few months.

Airport Executive Director Richard Howell confirmed Monday that American Airlines has reduced its flights from two to one per day beginning Feb. 12.

Howell said the airline gave no reason for cutting back its local flight schedule.

“They set their schedule as they see fit,” he said.

American Eagle, a regional division of American Airlines, has offered two flights per day in and out of Williamsport.

Howell said the two-a-day flight schedule will return May 6.

By the summer, it’s possible that three flights will arrive and depart the airport each day.

“Historically, that is what they do here in the summer,” he said.

The airline also reduced the number of flights available over the 2018-19 holiday season before returning to business as usual in February 2019.


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