School board listens to presentation on student transition

JERSEY SHORE — A presentation on the effects of transitioning students in the Jersey Shore elementary schools to their home schools elicited comments from some of the public.

Following the presentation by Dr. Ken Dady, assistant district superintendent, at the district board meeting Monday night, several residents of the district commented that if all the students were in the same building, a measure which was voted down by the board last year, there wouldn’t be a need to transition.

In addressing the board Dady said, “One of the things we talked about last week was about moving students and how we’re going to end up doing that. All I’m going to do tonight is kind of give you an idea of how many kids are not in their home buildings and what it would mean or somewhat look like in regards if we moved special ed back, if we move all the kids back…what that does to some of the numbers.”

No action was taken on this, but Dady said that he wanted the board to begin thinking about the options. Under personnel items, the board approved the resignations of the following employees: Keith Neece, Rebecca Ball-Schaller, Ruth Levan, Erin Eckley and Richard Moyer.

The board acknowledged the retirements of Gina Wert, fifth-grade teacher and Doreen Eisenhauer, school nurse department head, both effective on the last day of the current school year.

They also approved hiring:

• Mitchell Corneliue, head Middle School boys soccer coach at a rate of $1,980.

• Jacob Maneval, head Middle School girls soccer coach at a rate of $1,980.

• Karen Fausnaught, as a mentor at an annual stipend of $500.

• Jennifer Mellinger, five-hour paraprofessional position at $9.06 per hour.

• Sharon Koch, network computer technician at $45,000 per year.

• Eric Huling, head boys varsity tennis coach at a stipend of $3.040.

In other business, the board approved the proposed 2020-21 school calendar at second reading.

They also approved a request from the High School coffee cafe, Dawg Pound Coffee, to seek out and accept ongoing donations from businesses, individuals and students to help and establish the cafe. In conjunction with this the board approved opening a checking account with Muncy Bank & Trust for the cafe.

Members present were: David Becker, Patrice Doebler, Angela Grant, Michelle Stemler, Nancy Petrosky, Mary Thomas, Wayne Kinley and Craig Allen. Harry Brungard was absent.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Administration Building, 175 A&P Drive.


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