Search for city fire chief continues

Williamsport Bureau of Fire remains without a chief as of Friday, as former chief Todd Heckman has decided to go back into the ranks as a firefighter engineer, Mayor Derek Slaughter said.

Heckman had the option to either retire or to go back to work, Slaughter said.

The chief’s salary was budgeted at $87,092, which was the same as last year’s budget, according to the city finance department records.

Heckman will be assigned to Platoon C, Slaughter said.

Slaughter said the search continues for a fire chief. City fire officials were able to apply as were those outside of the city, he said.

The department has 34 employees from the chief down to the administrative aide and wages for those total $2.2 million, records stated.

The total public safety budget in the city, including police and codes enforcement, is $17.7 million.

Of that, $6.7 million is for the fire department.