Jersey Shore livestreams board meeting

In an experiment in this time of social distancing, the Jersey Shore Area School Board conducted their meeting by streaming it with members of the board at remote locations.

In order to do this, the first order of business was the approval by the board of a motion to suspend a section of district board policy that requires a majority of the board members be present in order for a meeting to be conducted by electronic communications.

The board approved suspending that requirement during the effective period of the governor’s order dated March 1, and any subsequent orders that are issued.

Other agenda items pertaining to the governor’s order approved by the board included:

Suspending all provisions of any board policies that would prohibit conducting executive sessions or other matters that do not require public access by remote communication.

Authorizing the superintendent or assistant superintendent to enter into contracts or agreements to allow the district to maintain continuous operations, including but not limited to Memoranda of Understanding with representatives of associations involved with collective bargaining agreements. These items will be included on the agenda for the next official public meeting for retroactive approval.

Authorizing the superintendent, assistant superintendent or business manager to approve and pay invoices. These items will be included on the agenda for the next official public meeting for retroactive approval.

In his report to the board, Dr. Ken Dady, assistant superintendent, said that the district is continuing to provide meals for students, 18 years and under, through the extended period announced Monday by the governor.

The meals are currently being offered at the district’s three elementary schools from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

He noted that beginning next week, the meal schedule will change, with students receiving meals on Monday and Wednesday with two meals being given on Monday and three meals on Wednesday.

“We’re still passing out the same amount of food for these kids, but not as many pick-up times,” Dady said.

He said that the district has applied to add locations for the food distributions, but that nothing is definite yet. If the district receives approval, the locations of the additional sites will be posted on the district website.

Dady added that the district is still working with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the Love Center to provide backpacks for the weekend for students who qualify. Backpacks will be distributed on Friday at the same locations as the meals.